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Responsibility for Blown Fuses Easily Overloaded Circuits lease

Recently began renting a large 6 bedroom home. The landlords are. kooky, it's a family business, they are randomly sweet and rude to us. Over the past few weeks it's become clear that we should be diligent about documenting every interaction and repair as they sometimes "forget" about a problem or don't take action until we've followed up a few times. (After reporting a large problem with ants (in a bathroom and closet) it took 2 weeks for our LL to even schedule an exterminator)

The house is 100 years old, with lots of character and charm, we knew stuck windows, creaky floorboards, weird drafts, ghosts , etc were part of what we were getting ourselves into, but I have some questions and concerns about the electrical system.

We have five people living in the home, and we are about to add a sixth person to the lease. All of these people are on the lease and have their own bedrooms. LL has rented this house to roommate groups of 8+ in the recent past.

Before we rented they had updated the kitchen, new cabinets, new dishwasher, and new outlets. It's very nice and we're very happy here.

Except the electrical system in the home does not seem to be able to support five people, let alone the six that will soon be living there. We're constantly blowing fuses, thing is, it's not like we're running 5 microwaves and televisions and hairdryers all at the same time. It's mostly lights and computers charging, two or three tvs spread around this giant house. Actually pretty conservative for the number of people living there. But still, one person wants a frozen burrito and a side of the house shuts off.

Recently we blew a fuse running the microwave and an electric kettle on the same outlet (the new outlet with 6 plugs in the kitchen)

I'm not concerned about not using the microwave at the same time as anything else (though some of my roommates are.6 people.), but I am concerned that we will be held responsible for any damage from unintentionally "overloading the electrical system" constantly.

LL is quick and eager to deny responsibility to repair anything that may possibly be our responsibility/fault (example: When I informed him of the "broken kitchen outlet" he said we had to pay someone to fix it. not their problem (is that true??) It went away when he discovered it was only a blown fuse) I know that stuff like clogged toilets and drains are our responsibility to fix, but a non functioning outlet??

Is there an easy or inexpensive way to check if the electrical system is up to code? And that everything is arranged in the most ideal way (like the fridge being on a separate breaker?) The circuit breaker box doesn't seem too antiquated, but it's not labeled and I don't know much about electrical stuff.

What are ways to avoid unintentionally overloading the system? (I plugged a tv and cable box into one room with NOTHING else in it and half the Testoviron 250 O Sustanon 250 house blew. Was there any way to have anticipated that or have prevented it?)

What are our responsibilities as tenants to protect the electrical system from overloading constantly?

What are the LL responsibilities to provide a stable electrical system for the number of people renting the house?

We paid two months rent for the security deposit (the max allowed by CA / LA law) so she has just over $10,000 of our money, and we heard from previous tenants that LL did everything she could to keep as much of their SD as possible. We especially don't want to lose it or any of our belongings to an electrical accident.

Any ideas, "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" advice, or guidance is very much appreciated! Thank you!

Under CA landlord tenant law (and a standard in all state laws), a landlord is responsible for providing a habitable rental which, amongst other things, must Buy Jintropin include, "An electric system, including lighting, wiring, and Turinabol Ciccone equipment, in good working order."

Yours is NOT in good working order and is a hazard. This is obviously an older Winstrol Cut Fat building where electrical outlets have been added onto a system which can't support it and it's a hugely expensive fix. You need to start documenting everything and taking photographs (even videos) to demonstrate how even the simplest overload throws the breakers. Consult your state landlord tenant laws to determine who you should bring this to the attention of and then do it.

However much you love the charm of this old house I suggest you start looking for somewhere else to live. My concern is that the landlord obviously is very well aware of the problem, has demonstrated already that fixing simple things isn't a priority and is happily sitting on a huge amount of your money in the form of a security deposit which I'm sure he'd love to keep when you leave.

Are you "blowing fuses" or tripping breakers? It doesn't make any difference except that fuses went out with the Dodo. Curious too that the breakers aren't labeled. Start working on a plan to get out of there. Good luck!

PS: No, you've broken no laws!!!

First of all, the house is quite probably up to required code. But 100 years ago nobody had TV's etc. So the wiring was probably updated to code at some later point. But in say the 1960's houses didn't have 3 TV, 5 computers, phone chargers, microwaves, Refers, well OK they had refrigerators., but you get "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" my point.

It's probably on a 100 amp breaker and you are using 120 amps.

Are your plugs two or three prong that will help tell where you are elect wise. Also breakers or fuses?

Meanwhile be careful you do not overload circuts typically several plugs are on the same circut and they may not be in the same room. Be careful or you may burn the place up.

Actually, unfortunately, a lot of people would Lauriedeee, a new electric box isn't a flashy upgrade, unlike things like granite countertops. Most people forget about systems, and they will bite you in the butt if you let them go.

Case in point. Parents of a good friend of mine, spend thousands re siding and replacing their windows in their hundred year old house (neither really had to be done). But the wiring, which "Anaboliset Aineet" was in horrible shape, they do nothing (needed a new box and most of the wiring wasn't great).

The clothes dryer was on an extension cord!!! Come on!! Six months after the siding and window project, they had a fire. A major fire. A huge hot electric fire, fed by their brand new "buy cheap jintropin online" vinyl siding and windows (melted away). The house was a total loss.